Solar Panel Systems

We fully install and fit solar panel systems, they are a popular way to invest in your home and your energy future, while reducing your family’s carbon footprint for 25-30+ years. It will provide up to 70% of your home’s annual hot water or electric requirement.

We are installing more solar panel systems, they are now in demand by both building contractors and the domestic housing market.
The following link is from which magazine, it points out the cost and saving you could make once the solar panel system is installed.

Solar panel

Just to explain how it works, the solar panels take over from your boilers job of heating your hot water so you don’t use any gas, electricity or oil to heat your water, at night your boiler regains control, during the hours of darkness and low solar radiation.

The solar panels gather heat which it uses to heat-up a fluid, this fluid circulates through the solar panel and then through some pipes into a heat exchanger within your the hot water cylinder, the solar heat is then transferred to the water inside your hot water cylinder.